(Ionospheric Scintillations Arctic Campaign Coordinated Observations)

ISACCO  is a new project by the Upper Atmosphere Physics Dept. of INGV being about to start within the end of 2003. The aim of ISACCO is to perform a scintillation measurements campaign by a GISTM (GPS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitor) at Ny-Ålesun (Svalbard, Norway; geographic coordinates 78.9° N, 11.9° E). The GISTM System consists of a NovAtel OEM4 dual-frequency receiver with special firmware, comprises the major component of a GPS signal monitor, specifically configured to measure amplitude and phase scintillation from the L1 frequency GPS signals, and ionospheric TEC from the L1 and L2 frequency GPS signals. In the frame of Space Weather one of the objective is the forecasting of the severe amplitude fading and strong phase scintillation that affect the reliability of GPS navigational systems and satellite communications. To achieve this goal it’s important to constitute a scintillation databank with a good spatial/temporal coverage useful for developing new scintillation models as well as to test the existent ones for further improvements. In this sense, as the scarceness of polar observations, the ISACCO project could offer a good opportunity to the users/scientific community.